Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Pictures of open garden June 2016

Here are some pictures of my garden, that was open to the public for the National Garden Scheme. My neighbour and myself made £1612 for charity. It's a bit picture heavy I'm afraid.

 James Galway rose

 Metal sculpture in side border, earlier in the year.

Front of bungalow in early April

Looking to the front from copse of white birch in the Spring

 Alpine boxes in front of fern garden

 Side view of the bungalow with two mature Japanese acers

 View from the balcony

 One of the flower beds

New but unfinished trellis, looking to the front garden and driveway

 My new greenhouse

 Another border

View to the side and towards my studio.

 Front of house

 Fern garden under balcony

  Natural pond in front garden

 A typical sunset from lounge window

 Another typical sunset

View from my studio over koi pond

Flower border


Valerie-Jael said...

It looks wonderful, what a lot of hard work you must have put into it. Well done on raising so much for charity! Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

What a wonderful place to live Wendy with so much beauty you have created as well as the surroundings it is all set in. Well done and well deserved for raising so much money. Such an amazing achievement with everything.

Thank you so much for sharing the experience

Love Chrissie xx

Heather said...

Wow! What a beautiful garden and congratulations on making that lovely donation to charity. I am surprised you have any time for your art with so much garden to attend to. I love all the different areas you have created and the way that one flows into another. Do you ever have time to sit out there and admire your handywork?!!

Meggymay said...

I have loved seeing the photos of your beautiful garden Wendy, and enjoyed the tour around the different areas in it.. Your views must be stunning across the countryside. Well done on the amounts you raised for charity.
Yvonne xx

JennyJ said...

It looks amazing Wendy, you must have worked so hard, as everyone else says I love all the different areas - so interesting and I have to say your lawns are immaculate - well done you ... And Peter??! Brilliant effort and we'll sort it - you can sit back and enjoy it now - can't wait to call in and see it for myself X X love Jenny x

JennyJ said...

Sorry we'll sort it should have read well done you!! Stupid auto correct on my phone!!!

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