Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sunday Postcard Art -- Newspapers

The theme of newspapers on Sunday postcard art was a bit difficult, as we don't take a newspaper. I did find a small bit of the Sunday Times travel page that I had saved, and a small picture in my sea file of some ladies bathing in 1892. I distress inked the background and stamped it with a newspaper background stamp  that I have. I added the two seaside articles.
Not very pleased with it, but I can't do the fabulous digital ones that the others do so well. There are some wonderful examples on the site.


chrissie said...

You should be pleased with it Wendy as it is a nice happy postcard with lovely pictures.

Chrissie x

Judy said...

I always admire a 'hands-on' challenge entry, Wendy, this is a fabulous piece in its own right! Hope to visit again to see more of your art!

Deborah said...

It's a great postcard, Wendy - don't do yourself down! I don't buy real papers either - had to raid my mum's recycling bin :-)

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