Monday, 9 September 2013

Autumn canvas and samples made on Lynda Monk course.

I made this canvas on a course with Lynda Monk at Missenden Abbey. I am totally addicted to Lutradur as you can do such fabulous techniques with it. This canvas included some machine and hand embroidery, a bit of scrim, and was  painted with Golden fluid acrylic paints.. The leaves are felt, with lutradur and foil.The two in the recess are hanging loose on invisible thread. The leaves were made for a wall hanging of the same Autumn colours, but they looked so good with my turquoise canvas I used them for the canvas instead. The wall hanging will come later.

Below are a few samples I made, there are far too many to put on here.:


Heather said...

Those leaves are gorgeous and set off to perfection by the blue frame. I hope your wallhanging isn't sulking because you pinched them!
Love the samples too - Lutrador is great stuff.

Angie H said...


chrissies said...

Amazing work Wendy and such wonderful colours

Love Chrissie x

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