Friday, 30 December 2011

Fabric tags

After making a fabric texture tag for a swap, I couldn't stop making them. I thought I would make one in every colour. Here are the first of them. They are on painted pelmet vilene, with bits and pieces sewn on with the machine. The bits consist of fabric, yarns, net, organza, glittery fibres and fabrics, anything that fits the colour and can be sewn down. I embellished with beads at the end, and added cords made on the machine. I also cut out some lutrador shapes on the die cutter, and painted them to match. I put eyelets in some of them.
The next ones ready to be sewn are white, blue and turquoise.


Sherry Edwards said...

Such a feast for the eyes Wendy - they're all fabulous!

Happy New Year to you xxx

Jean Straw said...

Wendy these are fantastic, I just love the gorgeous colours and the rich looking textures. Jean x

Meggymay said...

Wendy these are all gorgeous, love the bright colours.
Happy New Year.
Yvonne x

Heather said...

They are all gorgeous Wendy - can't wait to see the others.
Thankyou for the lovely Christmas card - you took me by surprise!
Happy New Year.

jeanie g said...

I was Blog hopping and found this post. I love all your tags, such inspiration. Thank you for showing them. xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff Wendy

Boxoftrix said...

These colourful tags are a wonderful idea! Im enjoying taking part in Tag Tuesday and found your blog from there.

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