Friday, 15 February 2008

Aimless on February 15th

Just can't get myself motivated this week, but as I'm up to date with my swaps on the various forums I'm on, my brain has gone into dozey mode.

However, I do have some jigsaw pieces I could do, and I have gesso'd them ready. I do like altering jigsaws, and have been round the charity shops in Llandrindod this morning. There are now a few children who won't be getting four board books, one with a pelican that makes a noise, and three odd shaped jigsaws, that will be a bit of a challenge. I also picked up three odd pieces of jewellery, at which point Peter pretended he didn't know me. As I got the lot for £1 65 (gave them £2), he was eventually quite impressed. I read the books to him on the way home. By this time, he had gone off being impressed. I also picked up 40 avocadoes for £2, I'll make some cream of avocado soup with those.

I will now do some creative, or tidy my workroom again.


Maureen said...

You certainly have a way with charity shops - did you really buy 40 avocadoes there!!!! maureen


OMG WENDY i can't believe the 40 avocado's that is one hell of a bowl of soup. lol.
Me and Mo, we're both gonna have nightmares now. What you can do with 40 advocados. lol

Artyfax said...

I have just bought a couple of board books cause they were only 10p each in The Works. I was looking for other things you understand - but couldn't help myself. All I have to do now is to decide what to do them, LOL

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