Wednesday, 13 February 2008

13th February

I am now well behind with my blog, and seem to be peddling backwards. I stupidly thought that not doing so many ATCs, would free my time up. Wrong. I am now flitting between one project and another, and not getting very far at all. I must now concentrate my energy on the job in hand, and not on the next one I want to do.
I have managed to make two slide mailers, so have now achieved four of these, three on the same subject--Egypt
Note to self, No more Egypt for a while.


Wendy said...

Wow! You do wonderful work.

From another crafting Wendy...
one residing in Minnesota

Pailine said...

very beautiful remind me of egypt..


Great work Wendy, loving all of your mailers.

Artyfax said...

I know the feeling of flitting, never seem to finish one project off before wanting to start the next

Lovely altered jigsaws, hope I can find the time to join the next jam

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