Thursday, 13 June 2019

Thursday Journal with Neet

"Dinner is poured' are this weeks words, and as my guests have only just gone, this simple one was done in a bit of a hurry. It would be nice if the rain would stop so I could hang the two loads of washing out. We did manage a trip out yesterday to Coombe Court and didn't get too wet so that relieve the pressure of entertaining them indoors.
For this page the background is distress inks and a variety of stencils. I then used two of Dyan's mask/stencils and used black paint for the figures and doodled around and in them.
I am now six weeks behind on my art courses, which is the point I usually reach at the end of March. I really must get back to it again, before I loose the will to do any more. It gets more and more impossible to catch up. I haven't bothered with any 3D ones as I am out of flat places to put them.
I wish it would stop raining as my plants are getting ruined and the iris are looking very sorry for themselves. The roses are all hanging their heads and the lawn is a soggy mess. The new work on the garden has ground to a halt, and I am thankful we didn't open the garden this year.


Neet said...

Lovely background, and I do like the way you have decorated the figures.
Hugs, Neet xx

Heather said...

Love those figures. So sad that your roses and irises have been ruined by the rain. It was a good decision not to open your garden this year. At least you don't have that to worry about.

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