Monday, 19 February 2018

Every Inchie Monday -- Cuba

This week we are visiting Cuba, a beautiful island I have been told. When I think of Cuba, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, The Bay of Pigs, The Cuban missile crisis, and cigars all come to mind.
For the sewn one I coloured the flag and rolled up some fabric for the cigar, with a thin strip of gold tape around it.. The drawn one is their national bird, the Trougon


Dianne Ayers said...

Your inchies are fabulous...the bird is so colouful and detailed and that teeny cigar on the flag is just perfect. Well done you! Dx

Jolande said...

The drawing of the bird is beautiful, but the tiny rolled cigar of fabric is really amazing.

sally said...

The bird is unknown to me but I absolutely love your solution for creating a cigar 💗💗, inspired!!!


Margriet said...

Oh, that's so funny! Your sewn inchie is my drawn inchie......and I didn't see yours before I made mine :-)
Love the little bird!

Heather said...

Inspired interpretations. I've never heard of that bird but love it, and the cigar and flag are a stroke of genius.

freebird7100 said...

The bird is so cute! love it and great idea with the cigar

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