Monday, 11 December 2017

Every Inchie Monday -- Wolf

Oh dear, my sewn wolf looks more like a friendly terrier than a wolf,  but making the face look longer was really difficult. My stampbord one is drawn and coloured with Staedtler finaliners.

Some pictures of our snow fall, all 14 inches of it. It's the first snow we have had here since we moved in three years ago. We can't get the cars out as our drive is too long to dig our way out.


Dianne Ayers said...

I love both your wolves, the stitched one looks as if he is squinting into the snow...those chairs look very puffy and comfy! Dx

freebird7100 said...

I adore both of your inchies! I am also glad that you have the snow (and we dont!) Have a great one

sally said...

Two fine wolves, bet you're glad you didn't have to work on a pack! We got very little snow here in Banchory to my relief but the same thing can't be said about the place in France, there was 3 ft in 36 hours & they are getting more today!


JennyJ said...

Two beautiful wolves - love your drawn one and your sewn one is fab - he looks very sleepy!! Or sly maybe!!! Our snow was on a par with yours! Nearly didn’t get home on that Sunday and then couldn’t get out Monday luckily B was able to get to his dialysis on Tuesday but several had trouble and they had to get mountain rescue involved in getting some of the remote patients in! Had never thought of that!! Still got to do my wolf Inchie!! Am so behind with my inchies but am determined to put them on and finish the year! Love to you both x

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