Monday, 25 September 2017

Every Inchie Monday -- Boa

Now I definitely didn't like doing this one, I even had trouble drawing one. The sewn one is a piece of fine leather rolled up, coloured and curled up. Once the colours had dried on the stampbord I coated the snake in a 3D glossy medium, which has made the markings blurred.  Not very pleased with either of these.
I hadn't realised how many colours they came in. Why on earth do people have these as pets ????


Heather said...

Once again I have to remind myself how tiny these are. Getting a boa into a 1" square is no mean feat! The sewn one is great.

Dianne Ayers said...

These inchies are both great Wendy...I especially like the leather one...don't worry about the blurring...if you come face to face with one there is usually a lot of blurring going on as both the snake and you try to avoid each other! I don't like the thought of these as pets, or them being bred to specific designer the bush is fine, they should just be left there! Dxx

JennyJ said...

Wendy they are both great but I specially love your leather one - the markings on it and the colour are just great, and like you I was a bit nonplussed about doing this one but you did a grand job as usual. I don't know if it's just me but my inchies seem to be getting smaller!!! Or maybe it's the subjects getting bigger!! There just doesn't seem to be any room!!

sally said...

I never have understood people keeping snakes either! Only good snake (or croc for that matter) is a dead one....they give me the heeby jeebies. Your second version reminded me of baked dough lol.


freebird7100 said...

I love both of your pieces. So inventive!

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