Thursday, 12 January 2017

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week we had to include a flower. As a young woman in the 60's I thought of flowers in your hair and going off to San Fransisco for the music and drugs. I was about the complete opposite of this and was far too sensible with a fairly strict father. I think my parents would have thought I was joking if I had even mentioned it.
So here is my page. I used an already inked page, and used Dyan's stamps for the leaves and girl. Sometimes having the pages already coloured gives us another challenge as you have to find a page that is suitable for the subject. If we ever do this again I think I would still get a lot of pages coloured first, as I seem to leave doing them until the last minute.


chrissie said...

Wonderful page Wendy. I was a young mum in the 60s so missed all the excitement but I did have wall paper with 'hippy' images. The bathroom was purple with orange swirls.There's a memory you have brought to mind :)

Love Chrissie xx

Heather said...

Love it. I too was very sensible in the 60s, being the mother of 4 small children and a full time nose blower and nappy changer!

Krisha said...

Fantastic page Neet!!
I am not sure how sensible I was in the 60s, but San Francisco was definitely out of the question as far as my parents were concerned! So I stayed home, but I still wore the trendy stuff of the time. Looking BACK it was a blessing of unanswered prayers....LOL! I do still like the art, and the music that came from that time period.

Neet said...

1) She would be out of place in San Fran - went there a fe years ago expecting to relive my hippy days and did not see one ageing hippy - was so disappointed.
2) I was NOT sensible and I did wear flowers in my hair, I loved this time of my life, even pushing a pram with a flower in my hair and a mini on.
3) I do like your page and thanks for reminding me of those happy days and for reminding me of Scott MacKenzie and now having the song in my head. (Why did I not think of this?)
Hugs, Neet xxx

Meggymay said...

Fabulous page Wendy. I would have loved to be like the hippy folk, but like your my parents would have been outraged.
Yvonne xx

Jenny J said...

I did have my hair loose and long and wear mini skirts of which my father disapproved but never actually wore flowers in my hair! Think I thought it too hippy - I tried to be a hippy without really looking like one!!! Anyway Wendy, I love your flower girl going to San Francisco - great memories of a wonderful era.

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