Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Every Inchie Monday -- Jacket

I am away at the moment as my daughter has just had a 7lb 6 oz baby girl, Eleanor, a sister for Max and Harry. There were some complications, so I am away from home, until Claire gets out of hospital.
For my inchie this week, on Every Inchie Monday, I have made a small jacket from felt, with French knot buttons, and some couched thread to decorate.
Although I made this last weekend, I was unable to put it on my blog until we came home. The lighting in my daughters house leaves a lot to be desired, so it would have been neater if I'd been at home


freebird7100 said...

I love how big this looks for such a small piece. Great job

chrissies said...

This wonderful Wendy. I can't imagine how you made a jacket so small and so beautiful

Love Chrissie x

Heather said...

This tiny jacket is exquisite. I can't do tiny so am full of admiration. Congratulations all round for the new addition to your family and I hope your daughter is making a good recovery. Thank Heaven for Mums!

Katelyn said...

Great inchie! Congratulations to your daughter also!

sally said...

Well done Gran, for coming to the rescue! And I know just what you mean about lighting - always a problem when not in your own environment so this little winter warmer is a success for me no matter what the lighting conditions were :-)


My name is Cindy said...

Congratulations to the family Wendy, hope everything is hunky dory with mum and baby by now. I don't know how you worked that small - I tried a moo and even that was a bit small for me!! Just popped by to say thank you for my lovely birthday card (first time I've had a minute all week!) I loved that unusual shape and those animal stamps are really funky - where do they come from? Thank you again for making my birthday so special!! (xmas stuff put to the side while I enjoy my birthday cards!!) Hugs, Cindyx

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