Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A new journal

I have joined a group whose aim is to do a bit in a journal every day for a year. It need only be 10 minutes, or a whole page. I doubt I will achieve something every day, but will make an effort. I never know where to start, and have several journals with painted pages ready to do. They have sat there for a year, so here goes.
First of all I wrote 2011 on the already painted page, and then thought about what I wanted to achieve. I decided wanting to draw faces that didn't need plastic surgery might be a good start, so that's what I did. Doesn't she look miserable. Perhaps by the end of the book I might draw one I like.
When I have run out of painted pages, I might try to ween myself off blue and green, and try pink, well maybe not.


Heather said...

There's nothing wrong with blue and green Wendy! Good luck with your journal - sounds like a lovely project. I think I need a kick start and am just fiddling about getting nowhere.

Rosie said...

You made me laugh out loud Wendy! I so sympathise with you on the faces and their expression...!!
Did you do Tam's online course that Lottie & I took? The Art, Heart & Healing? If not, she taught/showed us how to draw faces and the class is still open so you could go over, sign up and just watch and download the videos that are of interest to you. Go for it - we don't get that many free opportunities these days, do we|?

The Rusty Teapot said...

Hi Wendy thanks for visiting my blog! must say we always want what we don't have. You have snow and I would love some right now lol. We are having long hot summer days right now but i would love it somewhere in the middle. I think the world should be in Spring time all year round! I've never made a journal...I want too but for some reason when it comes to sitting down and expressing my thoughts and feelings in a book, well it stumps me! Ive got several books that i started but none of them have even a hint of words or pictures lol...ahhhh one day i guess!

Sherry Edwards said...

She's not miserable Wendy, just a bit thoughtful, or maybe a bit blue!

I really can't get into the whole journal craze myself, although I do like looking at all the artwork. Good luck with yours.

Kim Dellow said...

Just beautiful! Enjoy your journaling! kim

milkcan said...

I think she looks contemplative, not miserable! So glad that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!

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