Monday, 13 April 2009

Fabric flower pages

These are two fabric pages I created for a fabric flower book swap. I had such a job with my dreadful machine, that I have bought a new one, which should arrive tomorrow. I just hope it's not too complicated, and baffles me with science.
The yellow flowers are sewn onto a background of a baby wipe that I had cleaned my stamps on
The poppies on some fabric that I had dyed 20 odd years ago. Both have machine stitching on, with beads added.


Heather said...

Nice to have you back Wendy, I have missed you. Your flower pages are lovely and so effective. Hope your new sewing machine is kind and friendly! I was scared of mine at first, but gradually got to use the various bits and pieces.

Maureen said...

These pages are lovely Wendy.

Sherry said...

They look so tactile - and beautiful!

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