Saturday, 19 April 2008


I'm on a bit of a bird theme at the moment, and these are ones I did for a recent swap
These are mainly watercolours, and are, apart from the doodle one, birds we get in the garden.
If I see a doodle bird here, I'll let you know

The one on the left is a redstart, and a rare visitor to the garden


Sian said...

These are all brilliant. I think I like the bluetits best. I think I'd be worried about my sanity if I saw a doodle bird in the garden!

Sherry said...

Lovely work Wendy. I like the bluetits too. They are one of the few birds we get in our (urban) garden.

Love the pictures from the hen weekend too (looks very isolated). Hope you get over your cold soon x

Sue J said...

Love all the birds, Wendy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've put you on my list too. We seem to have a lot in common :-))) I hail originally from Nottingham and I am 61. Been in OZ since 1970.

Nicks said...

fantastic work, I knew you were creative, but didn't realise how artistic!!!!!

Chris said...

These are lovely Wendy. I didn't realise you could draw. Hope the doodle bird doesn't visit my garden either. :-)

konnykards said...

Well I knew you were multi - multi talented!
These are lovely - will catch up on other things soon, Connie, x

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